How To Make An Appointment ?

To make an appointment to see one of our surgeons you can contact us by email, fax or phone. These details are at the bottom of the page. Before contacting us please read the below information as we will require some details before we can make an appointment.

First Appointment

In order to see one of our consultant orthopaedic surgeons we would ideally like a letter of referral from your GP or physiotherapist/physical therapist. We also require an up-to-date MRI of your knee. The MRI will need to have been completed within a year of seeing one of our surgeons.
If you have a referral but do not have an MRI please contact our office and we can assist you in scheduling one at Sports Surgery Clinic.

Review Appointment

If you have attended one of our surgeons in the past we would also require an MRI scan if you attended more a year ago or have had surgery elsewhere since last attending.

Post-Operative Appointment

If you have recently had surgery and require a follow-up appointment please contact our office by phone or on email.

Please note that you do not need a referral or MRI to attend our physiotherapist.

What Do I Need To Bring On The Day Of My Appointment?

GP Letter & MRI Disc

Please bring a copy of your GP letter/ MRI report if not already sent into the office. We will also need the disc with your MRI scan if your scan was not performed at the Sports Surgery Clinic.

Insurance Details

Please bring your insurance details with you on the day of your appointment.

Consultant Fees

You will be informed of your consultant fee when you are given your appointment date. In the majority of cases consultation fees are paid on the day of your appointment and are claimed back by you through your insurance company at a later date.

What Should I Wear To My Appointment?

Please wear loose clothing as your consultant will need to access your knee.


Tel: +535 1 526 2200
Fax: +353 1 526 2204

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How To Make An Appointment

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